Gunrunner subpoenaed to testify in the US leads to a routine babysitting job - what could possibly go wrong? Bodie and Doyle are brought out of semi-retirement, one running training, the other pandering to Whitehall, to work together for the first time in almost 7 years. Animosity, antagonism, curiosity and rocket propelled grenades look set to spoil someone’s promised holiday leave whilst everyone is trying not to kill each other. Bodie is caught in the middle with Doyle and Martell trying his patience - they both know about different aspects of his life and both have questions. Will they get the answers they are looking for, will Marty make his flight and will the past finally be buried?

The Operator

Sergeant Charlie Price arrives at CI5 hoping to avoid a meeting with one ex-Sergeant Bodie knowing it is highly unlikely given that CI5 have been tasked with assisting an undercover Army operation targeting an IRA cell in London. Will Charlie and Bodie be able to work together given their shared past - the last time they saw each other was with one badly injured in the back on an Army helicopter 3 years ago in Belfast.